Coaxial Cable, RG8U 1180


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Cable Specifications See Table
Conductor AWG 9 1/2 Bare Copper
Insulation Material  Semi-solid Polyethylene 
Shield Coverage  100% Bonded Foil +88% Tinned Copper Braid 1.8Ω/M 
Jacket Material/Nom. O.D.  Black PVC 0.405
Nom. Cap pF/ft  24.6
Nom. Cap pF/m  80.71
Velocity of Prop. (% pF/m)  84
Nominal Impedance (Ohms)  50


Coaxial cable is used in the transmission of communications signals. More specifically, network, audio, and video signals. You will most likely recognize these cables if you have looked at the backside of your modem or cable box. Most people don't even realize that these cables are actually called coaxial. They call them coax, which is the shorthand term for them. So, what does coax, or coaxial mean?
The term coaxial means that the cable has two concentric conductors separated by an insulating material. The inner conductor is inside of a cylindrical material that insulates it. This insulating material is then wrapped by a conducting shield. Sometimes, there may even be another insulating layer after the shield. Many times, the inner conductor is the one to handle the signal carrying voltage. The shield is then kept at ground potential. One advantage of a design like this is that the magnetic and electric fields are bound within the insulating material. This serves to reduce leakage outside the shield.
So, what is RG8? This style of coaxial cable is most often used for single antenna installations. It is also used for jumpers when pieces of equipment in close proximity need to be connected. This cable is more powerful than what the average user will require. However, if you are looking to have a powerful setup, then this is the cable for you. How is RG8U 1180 different from RG8XW? There are actually quite a few reasons that this cable type is different, but the most important one is the conductor. Rather than a stranded conductor like most RG8 has, RG8U 1180 has a solid core conductor. If you have any questions about RG8, contact a Pacer expert today.


  • Used for two-way communications, RF and microwave transmission and instrument control


  • RF Connections
  • Two-way communications
  • CB radio
  • WLAN
  • Broadcast
  • RG58 used for interconnecting electronic equipment
  • RG8X used for VHF<50ft
  • RG8U used for VHF>50ft

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