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An Inside Look at Pacer Group

Posted by Eric Jameson on

An Inside Look at Pacer Group Take a Look at How Your Premier Electrical Solutions Provider Operates from Production to Distribution.

Since 1979, Pacer Group has built its reputation as an industry leader one customer at a time through excellence in engineering, a knowledgeable sales staff, and an unwavering commitment to customer service. Whether you are a boat owner or an OEM, we have you covered for all your electrical project needs, start to finish.

“Pacer Group has integrated three major industrial functions; Engineering, Manufacturing and Distribution.”

With three Florida locations, Sarasota, Hollywood and Wauchula, each serving a different purpose, Pacer Group has integrated three major industrial functions. These include, but are not limited to: electrical wire and cable manufacturing, electrical component distribution, as well as electrical panel design and wiring harness manufacturing. The integration of wire and cable manufacturing, electrical component distribution, and engineering allows great flexibility in our ability to serve the concerns of individuals and smaller companies, as well as larger volume consumers.

At our 42,000-square foot plant located in Sarasota FL, we have expanded beyond the marine industry focus. Manufactured in the USA, Pacer Group’s finely stranded copper wire and battery cable is produced at this warehouse and assembly location. Our UL approved marine wire is available from 18 AWG wire to 4/0 battery cable. Not only do we manufacture our wire and cable here, but this location is also home to our battery cable assembly production line. Check back for an upcoming blog about how our wire and cable manufacturing process is done.

With the recent launch of our improved website, you can now easily and quickly order online and pick up right in our Hollywood, FL location. We have the best of the best. When it comes to marine electrical components, we are experts in our products. We know quality and we know product. We stock everything needed to complete any electrical project from start to finish. From our manufactured wire and cable, to electrical connectors, wire management, electrical components and tools, we have it all. Stop on in to our storefront location to get the products you need for your next project. 

Here at pacer group, we believe in building relationships with our community. Anchor Marine Electric, a valued customer of ours, couldn’t agree more. It’s nice to have neighbors in the community that we can help in multiple ways. 

“Pacer Group is a great supplier offering a wide range of products. We come often and we are very satisfied with the following products: the wire, breakers, electrical terminals, battery cable, boat cable, bus bars, multi-conductor cable, battery switches and much more... The location is perfect, near to the marinas. The service is professional and we really appreciate to receive the invoices by email.” 
– Beatrice, Anchor Marine Electric

Our expert engineers provide top OEMs from all over the country with the panel and harnesses produced at our Wauchula, FL facility. It starts with receiving the prints and planning. After that, the product travels through the various phases of production; wire cutting, termination, assembly, quality control and testing. From there it makes its way to shipping to be sent to the customer. Our engineering and assembly department executes every step in our custom panel and harness production with meticulous attention to detail. The result is high quality panels and harnesses that are hard to beat. You can learn more about harnesses and our production process in the upcoming blog “How Pacer Group Harnesses are Produced.”

“Industries served include: battery makers, fork lifts, golf carts, industrial equipment, alternative power, appliances and data storage."

Today, Pacer Group provides these proven capabilities to a wide range of boat manufacturers who require UL/CSA approved wire. Industries served include makers of batteries, fork lifts, golf carts, industrial equipment, alternative power, appliances, and data storage. We also have a wide range of products that serve automotive, performance racing, truck, RV, and off-road vehicles. Here at Pacer Group, we strive for excellence to deliver quality product to every consumer. From the boat repair yard to the top OEM, we are your preferred electrical component supply source. 

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