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Battery Cable Assemblies

Battery Cable Assemblies
Pacer's cables are constructed with finely stranded tinned plated copper.  The fine stranding provides for greater flexibility, and the tinned plating on the copper strands add to the long term corrosion resistance of the cable.

Pacer manufactures the battery cable and makes custom cable assemblies for Boat Manufacturers,Marine Resellers, and Electrical Professionals in any industry.

Cables often ship same day. No minimums required.
Connectors & lugs are pneumatically crimped to cables and the connections are sealed with epoxy-lined heat shrink to ensure
and gas tight connections exceeding UL 486 & MIL-T-7928.
Cable Compliances:
UL Standard 1426 (BC-5W2)
AWM 1232/1283 (6-2 AWG)
AWM 1232/1284 (1 AWG -4/0)
ABYC: E-11
Coast Guard 33 CFR 183

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4 AWG Cable Assemblies
2 AWG Cable Assemblies
1/0 Cable Assemblies
2/0 Cable Assemblies
4/0 Cable Assemblies
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