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Coaxial cable is any cable that has an inner wire shielded with an outer conductive sheath by a dielectric (non-conductive) material.

Determine your cable size. Look on the side of your coaxial wire for the size designation. The two most common sizes are RG-6 and RG-59 but most non-industrial coaxial cable is now known as RG-6.  Commercial installers may use a thicker RG cable, like RG-11 (which is only used if the distance from the source tap to your point of termination is greater than 200 feet).

Choose the right connectors.   Be aware that there are several types available, primarily screw-on and crimp-style connectors. Screw-on connectors are easy to use, but are less secure and can leave a small air pocket. Some people believe this may affect your signal quality. Crimp-style connectors have two parts: a ring (or crimp) and a terminator. They are typically more difficult to install, but can attain the greatest lengths and best connections when used correctly. Know that to make a connection you will need a male and a female connector of the same type.

RG6 Cable
RG8 Cable
RG11 Cable
LMR Cable
RG58 Cable
RG59 Cable

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