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Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks
Flat mount terminal blocks are used extensively for a variety of purposes,
including: simplifying wiring work, eliminating splicing, stopping short circuits, etc. Commonly used in panels, electronic and electrical equipment and in wire harnesses.

Pacer stocks double row terminal blocks composed of general purpose Phenolic with nickel plated brass hardware for maximum life span in corrosion prone environments. Their triangular base design and solid sealed back provide added stability and corrosion resistance from moisture and condensation underneath the block.|

Double row designed terminal blocks are constructed from Polyamide PA 6 nylon with
recessed, brass captive screws and tinned plated brass inserts. The wire guards are constructed from stainless spring steel.

Barrier Type 20 AMP
Barrier Type 30 AMP
Barrier Type 50 AMP
Barrier Type 70 AMP
European Type

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