Shore Power Cord

What is Shore Power Cord?

Shore power cord is used to connect a vessel to shore power. It allows operators to conserve generator usage by drawing directly from shore power when docked. It is sometimes referred to as ship-to-shore cord. Pacer Group's shore power cord is built from finely stranded, annealed bare copper conductors. It is then insulated with color-coded PVC and covered with a tough thermoplastic jacket. Pacer Group carries a variety of styles and sizes to fit a multitude of needs.

How do you use shore power cord? Well, you simply connect the cord to the proper outlet when docked and use a power transfer switch to begin drawing power from the shore. This saves you from having to rely on generator power only. These cords are ideal for replacement shore power cords in harsh environments. They are also perfect for custom cords. They are for use where the highest degree of oil resistance and extended service life are essential. Shore power cord is designed to resist moisture, acids, alkali, ozone, and oil. Need help selecting the proper ship-to-shore cord for your project? Contact a Pacer Group expert today and let us help.