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Switch covers for Carling Contura Rocker Switches are available with hundreds of potential ISO symbols. Aft bilge switch covers are used to indicate the switch that operates the aft bilge pump. Bilge pumps are used to remove the water from the space between the hull and the body. Larger boats require more than one bilge pump. Using an aft bilge switch cover makes it easy to know which switch controls the bilge pump in the aft section of the bilge. The switch covers are made of black, or red, thermoplastic polycarbonate, and a hard nylon overlay. The switch cover's function and associated ISO symbol are printed with a durable white ink which resists abrasion and most common solvents. Switch Covers with the most common ISO symbols are in stock and available immediately. Less frequently ordered combinations of the standard symbols will be made upon receipt of order, and will have a short lead time. For custom actuators, please contact customer service regarding minimum orders lead times, and pricing. Selecting the correct switch cover is not always an easy task. Contact a Pacer expert with any questions you may have. 


  • All styles of switch covers fit the Carling Contura Rocker Switches
  • Made of thermoplastic polycarbonate and hard nylon overlay
  • Durable white ink resists abrasion and solvents
  • Contura II - Rectangular with raised bumps
  • Contura V - Symmetric curved edges


  • Contura II: Rectangular shape with raised bumps on top and bottom
  • Contura V:  Symmetrically curved edges
  • Standard switch cover color is black
  • Standard lens color is red

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